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  • We at Club178 believe that any form of entertainment or leisure activities need to be at all-times humane without causing any harm to another life. Despite having a wide range of games, we at Asia Live Tech would never support live games in support of Animal Cruelty.

  • As we understand that certain games have become a norm in certain societies, Club178 has taken a different approach to curb Animal Cruelty by bringing these activities onto Slot games so that everything is kept digital and no animals would ever be harmed.

  • Embracing the advances of technology, we have introduced Cock Fighting. The game itself is a digital slot game with sound effect from real chickens cocking. Yes it may be different but the theme of the slot has been filled with all elements from the real cock-fighting scenario. Our hope is that the public will embrace this more and refrain from any activities which will inflict the cruel and painful agony onto another life.

  • Club178’s Policy on Animal Cruelty – we do not undertake, support or sponsor activities that harm animals